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Why Book Food Truck Catering with Tampa Bay Food Trucks?

1. We Take Care of EVERYTHING

At Tampa Bay Food Trucks we make food truck catering easy. We gather the details of your event, and make the magic happen. Not only do we call all the trucks and confirm that they will be coming, but we'll make sure the trucks that come out are the trucks that you actually want. We work with over 130 in the area, there's no reason to put so much effort into this when your expertise is needed elsewhere for your event. We make sure the trucks that show up to the event have everything they need for your event and more.

2. We Personalize Your Event to Fit Your Needs

Want a taco truck? What about linens and tables? Need someone to coordinate the catering? Tampa Bay Food Trucks is the way to go. Choose from over 40 cuisine types-  and that doesn't even count options for dessert. You have the option of having your guests get food directly from the truck, from a buffet line, or by butler. As soon as we get in contact with you we can work out all of your dreams and make them real.  

3. Save a Ton of TIME

Calling fifty food trucks can get a bit tiring. So leave all that work to us. We work with over 130 food trucks in the area, and we know them well. We know their menus, how to get in touch with them fast, and work with them on a regular basis. Let us do the grunt work while you get your party excited for the catering that's coming to your doorstep. We book trucks with confidence and uphold strong relationships with every truck operator we work with. Each of our trucks are verified with us, and go through an application process to be approved to work with us. You can rest with ease knowing the trucks coming to your location have a golden TBFT star of approval. 

Catering Cuisine Options                

Arepas Cuban Healthy Mexican Vegan
Asian Fusion Empanadas  Hot Dogs Middle Eastern   Vegetarian
Bacon Filipino Indian Nicaraguan Venezuelan
BBQ Fish & Chips Italian Pizza Waffles
Burgers Gluten Free Kid Friendly Seafood Wings
Cajun Greek Korean Southern  
Caribbean Grilled Cheese Latin Spanish  
Cheesesteaks Gyros Mac & Cheese Steak   
Crepes Hawaiian Mediterranean Thai   

Catering Dessert Options 

Brownies   Cupcakes  Ice Pops
Cakes  Fried Desserts Mini Donuts
Cheesecakes  Frozen Bananas Pies
Coffee Gelato Shaved Ice
Cookies Gluten Free Soft Serve Yogurt/Ice Cream


 Milkshakes Sorbet

How can we help you feed your event?

Our catering minimum is $1,200 for 50 meals.