Grilled Cheese Food Truck, Say Cheese  

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Everyone Say Cheese!

 This is not your ordinary grilled cheese food truck. Owners Ashley & Brian Lairby are no strangers to the food truck industry. Owning and operating multiple food truck concepts since 2016 they love coming up with creative ideas for good food, and with Say Cheese they were jazzed about creating a grilled cheese food truck and just elevating simple ingredients. They create fun and exciting melts & more.  From kid pleasers through gourmet foodies they even have vegan melts, meat lover’s dream melts, and waffles - this truck can satisfy the taste buds of all. We love the name, when Ashley and Brian were coming up with the concept they say they were just smiling while saying grilled cheese so much they thought… “Say Cheese” and the concept of the red carpet theme came to be for this grilled cheese food truck. Ashley and Brian say that they love that they get to work with their best friend everyday.  Want to book this grilled cheese food truck or see more from them? We can get you in touch and you can check out Smokin Bowls &  Miso Lucky Food Trucks too.

Menu Tip:

The Bodega is probably the favorite as the reactions are always big smiles!

Made with: Ground beef, house cheese blend, dill pickled onions, shredded lettuce and tomato and a drizzle of Gasparilla aioli on thick cut toast.

Food Trucks in the News:

Fox 13 Tampa Bay Highlights this grilled cheese food truck in their Tuesday Food Truck Segment which aired December 5th 2023.

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