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Cajun In A Truck

Let the good times roll, and they did, they rolled so much that Cajun In A Truck is no more. Having launched in mid 2015 they roamed the streets for about what the average food truck does for three years or so. One of the proprietors, Phil was a friendly guy that always had a smile on his face. The truck being a California style food truck didn't have a generator, it ran off of batteries. It was kind of eerie if you were at an event alone with them because of the silence. We've become accustomed to some noise from the quiet generators we require our trucks to have. 

New Orleans Food Truck

If memory serves right, they were into the Boudin Balls big time, the Shrimp Po Boy was also a crowd favorite. We don't recall any muffuletta action, but we may be wrong on that. The gumbo was also a frequent on the menu. Lots of fried seafood too, as you would expect. 

If you ever head to New Orleans, plan on packing on at least 8-10 lbs in a week if you eat like we do. Food is incredible, but, holy unhealthy! 

This truck is no longer around, but, we know all the best food trucks, so, let us know if you'd like help finding the right one below. 

Let's Eat! Our Catering Minimum is $1,350