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Dessert Food Truck Catering

We love a good food truck catering, especially a dessert food truck catering. Something about the sweet feeling of getting an ice cream from a truck, or a fried oreo or let's face it, anything that's hand crafted off a dessert truck is likely going to be a win! 

If you're on the hunt for rocket pops or some single serve ice cream cup, we may not be the right fit. Although our trucks are flexible, if you know this massive ice cream sandwich would be too much for little folks, we can usually accommodate by adding some things to our menu like some simple popsicles. We really specialize in having dessert vendors that are making original hand crafted desserts. That doesn't mean we don't have the classics though, like Ice Cream Sammies listed below, hand made ice cream sandwich? Yes, Please! 

Handmade Ice Cream Sandwich

Need food too? We've got you. Sometimes clients go with dessert only for budget reasons. If you want to spoil your guests, let's do both! 

Dessert  food truck catering minimum is $900 for 100 servings

Let's Eat! Our Catering Minimum is $1,350