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Make your wedding one to remember for years to come! Florida is home to a diverse range of cultures and can help you plan a destination wedding that fits your needs. Are you having trouble blending traditions as you plan your wedding? Your wedding day is a perfect day to highlight the beautiful blend of diversity of thoughts, ideas and sometimes even food preferences of your families as you begin your new journey! 

Take your guests to Little Havana through enjoying great Cuban sandwiches and cafe con leche in Tampa Bay or across the world to a venue in Orlando, Florida with german, greek or jamacian food! We understand the importance of your unique cultural or family traditions and want to ensure that both your family and your loved ones, eat well and celebrate in style! 

We cater diverse foods from around the world and can set up buffet, plated or even traditional food truck style to meet the unique needs of your special day. We serve food from all around the world and can also help with unique dietary restrictions or lifestyle choices such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free fare to name a few.  Below are just a few of the unique types of food we serve at Tampa Bay Food Trucks: 

Are we missing a style of cuisine? Please let us know what we need to add to our menu of hundreds of food trucks across the Tampa Bay area by emailing Our team can meet via phone or in person to meet your unique wedding dreams a reality. Contact us at (813) 802-9119 to start your wedding planning today! Or complete our  Book Now  Form with all the details you have planned!