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Here at Tampa Bay Food Trucks, we take insurance seriously, and if you're a business owner or thinking about becoming one, you should, too. It protects your customers, your employees, your business, and you. After working with dozens of agents and agencies, we found one group that really stood out: Fairchild, Addison & McKone. The company offers exceptional expertise in insurance service and a culture with employees who genuinely care. What we really found is a sponsor and a partner. We are happy to have formed a strategic relationship with Fairchild, Addison & McKone, and we confidently encourage you to contact them for your insurance needs.

A word from our Insurance Sponsor

Fairchild, Addison & McKone Insurance was established in 1979 by Tampa native, James Fairchild, who has over the past 40 years, grown our company to a full service insurance company servicing not only businesses but also individuals & families.

You're starting out on an exciting new journey and as a small local business, we know how difficult that can be. Our independent agents are here to make sure your business has the right coverage. Allowing you to focus on your culinary creations and feel confident that your business is properly protected.

At Fairchild, Addison & McKone Insurance we're proud to offer specialized and dedicated programs just for you. Food trucks have unique risks and requirements that differentiate you and your insurance coverage should reflect that!

As a strategic partner of Tampa Bay Food Trucks, we have valuable experience working side by side with food trucks, giving us a unique perspective into your industry and allowing us to offer you the services that matter the most to food trucks.

We proudly insure 100+ Food Trucks and we encourage you to ask any of our clients about our services. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Wondering what insurance you need? Check out our food-truck-insurance-faq frequently asked questions about food truck insurance.

Contact Patricia or Tracey at (813) 681-4893 to discuss your insurance needs. 

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