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Florida Food Trucks

Florida has thousands of food trucks! 

This business isn't for the faint of heart though, it's tough, hot and long days are a part of making a great customer experience. The success of a food truck serving clients well comes down to a positive experience. That's where a booking agency like us comes sliding into play. 

Florida Food Trucks

Whether you're booking a truck in your hometown or looking somewhere in Florida you've never been, we've eaten there and done it already so trust us to help you bring home the bacon, if you like bacon. No, not everyone likes bacon, it happens. 

Can I use a food truck anywhere in Florida, yes, the awesome legislature in Florida ruled in 2020 a food truck with a state license can operate anywhere in the state. So whether you're in Miami, Tallahassee or Jacksonville, a trucks license is good to go. 

Food trucks in Florida really started gaining traction in 2011 and the trend hasn't slowed, if anything it's picked up. We love a good party and really enjoy helping you pick the food. 

So eat at a Florida Food Truck, make it a date night idea, make it a tradition with you kids and certainly hire food trucks to cater parties and company events. You can even book food trucks with us. Let's give it a go!