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You might be thinking why is this on a food truck booking company website? Did this come off of a food truck? The answer is yes, definitely. Think of food trucks as a tool for getting food to people, the type and style of food varies greatly. It's not all tacos and burgers, a lot of our trucks have extensive culinary experience. 

We book food trucks for clients and assist with compliance, planning, and contracting for local food trucks.

We get the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs that love food. Some love business, but almost all of them love food. We love business and food, so we like helping them connect the dots with clients and their needs. We eat from every single food truck we work with. We won't book a truck if we haven't eaten from it. How can we give our stamp of approval and say you should use that truck for your event or gathering. 

Can I book a food truck myself? 

Yes, definitely we work with a network of trucks that book themselves as well. We take on a lot of the administrative work that goes into a booking as well as the risk of cancellation, sickness or breakdown. Our team springs into action if any of those things happen and usually have it handled before you even know its a problem. 

Insurance for food trucks

If you decide to book a truck yourself you'll want to do some of the groundwork our team usually does with verifying trucks and trailers have both auto and general liability. Keeping in mind that state minimums aren't really high enough to cover an electric scooter being damaged. We require trucks to have 500k CSL in Auto Coverage and 2M / 1M in General Liability. We also have a 4 Million dollar umbrella policy to ensure we have enough coverage for some of our institutional accounts like USF, Buccaneers and the Tampa Airport. 

Eat well friends, we certainly are going to every chance we get!