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If you love food trucks, you're in the right spot, if you don't, we're hoping to make you a believer with our next visit. We've been catering in Tampa with Food Trucks since the begninng of the food truck movement in central and western Florida. You're probably wondering how many food trucks we've eaten at? It's over a thousand when we add our staff together. We know what it takes to create a great food truck experience and that's our goal for working with you. Let's make this process easy, fun and delicious.

Some common places you'll find us stealing hearts and pleasing stomachs:

Corporate Events
House parties
Large Group Outings
Employee Appreciations
Customer Appreciations
Grand Openings
Ground Breakings
Safety / Topping Out Parties


We love our foodies

Let's Eat! Our Catering Minimum is $1,350


There are a bunch of factors that play into this question. Here are some: Length of service, as in how fast do we need to feed people? What type of food are we serving and what's the menu? How many menu items are being served? Is your function during a main meal time? Are you willing to spend more to get the number of trucks you want?

Some of this is dependent on crossover of food, but the typical answer is 3. It allows the truck to be focused on quality of food being produced and speed to ensure your guests are being fed quickly.

Typically we deploy trucks for 2-3 hours. We can certainly do longer shifts, but, if there isn't an adequate number of meals to justify the time additional fees will apply.

Usually yes, depending on the style of food being requested. Knowing these restrictions in advance before selecting trucks is very helpful.

We're a rain or shine company. Rain in Florida isn't something that's predictable but usually, it comes in short waves and can easily be worked around during an event time. We do reschedule events for extreme weather conditions like Hurricanes and Tropical Storms.

We cannot, we inquire with trucks individually and provide the details of your event to ensure the truck is capable and able to complete your service well. We can certainly provide options, but, we need a starting point so we have an idea of what would work for your event.

Contacting us is easy! For quick inquiries, give us a call at our office where our friendly staff is ready to assist you. If you prefer written communication, send us a form detailing your event needs and any questions you might have; we strive to respond promptly to ensure you have all the information you need.