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Food Truck Company in Florida

We eat, book and breath food trucks all day every day, we're a food truck company. Catering events, scheduling for workplaces, rebranding trucks for marketing activations. We even help people start trucks by offering a how to start food truck classes and helping people buy and sell trucks. 

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We work exclusively with locally owned trucks that are actual purveyors of food. Early on in the Florida food truck scene, dropping frozen items in a fryer was good enough, that's not the case anymore. With over 10,000 mobile food trucks in Florida, you've got to bring some talent and be willing to put the time in to produce good food. 

Insurance and risk mitigation is at the core of what we do. We have more insurance than we'd like, and likely enough to satisfy your desire for insurance limits. We understand the need for compliance with everything from limits to work comp. While the trucks don't carry a work comp policy, we do, typically satisfying a sites requirements.