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Frequently Asked Questions About
Food Truck Insurance

Why do I need business insurance?

As with any business, the owners of mobile food trucks need to protect themselves and their business. While all businesses face potential insurance claims every day, food trucks face additional risks, for which they need different types of insurance.

What types of insurance do I need to consider?

  • Commercial Auto Insurance  is designed for vehicles used in the course of a business operation. This includes protection for claims arising from bodily injury and property damage during the operation of a company vehicle. It includes coverage for the vehicle and all permanently attached equipment.

  • General Liability Insurance  is designed to protect your business from exposures during day-to-day practices. This includes protection from claims that arise from bodily injury and property damage, as well as liability exposure from the food you serve. Auto insurance does not cover these types of claims while you are parked and serving food.

  • Business Personal Property Insurance  protects equipment that is not permanently mounted to the truck.  Some carriers can add this to Commercial Auto insurance.

  • Workers Compensation Insurance  provides you with coverage for employees who are injured on the job.  Additionally, this coverage protects an employer from being sued by an injured worker in most cases.

Why should I use an independent insurance agent?

A licensed insurance agent knows the different risks or exposures you may encounter during your day-to-day operations.  A licensed agent can tailor coverage to meet your specific insurance needs and requirements to do business. Be sure to review your business in detail with an agent to determine which coverage best fits your food truck operation.

If you have additional questions, please contact Patricia or Tracey at (813) 681-4893 to discuss your business insurance needs.

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