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Food Truck Wrap & Food Trailer Wrap Services

It seems like a fairly easy thing to do, however, if you've ever tried it, you know that's not the case!

The wrapping of a food vehicle is intense and when done right can downright transform some of the ugliest vehicles you've ever seen. We wrap trailers and vans as well. 

Whether it's rub rails, seams from doors, lights or propane tanks we've seen it and helped our customers navigate around it.

We've been helping wrap food trucks for nearly a decade and we know what it takes. We've got a great partner that we do a lot of vehicles with, so they give us a great discount we can pass onto you. We only use high quality materials and aren't afraid to say when we shouldn't wrap something because if it doesn't stick, what's the point? 

Contact us today to get a quote on wrapping your food truck or trailer. We'll need the dimensions of the vehicle and photos, then we'll come to your location to inspect the vehicle to ensure its surface is a fit for being wrapped.

Have a look at some of our Food Truck Wrap projects below!

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