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Graduation Food Truck Catering

Make it a real party with food trucks! Celebrate your achievement with an A+ selection. Let us handle the details. We'll make sure your graduation is a memorable occasion. Our Mobile DJ Truck will rock the house! 

Have multiple families? We've been there, it's a great idea if you all have the same friends. Why go to 5 parties when you can do 1. Graduation Food Truck Catering works wonders! Save time and money all while noshing on great local food truck food. 

Don't worry we'll do our best to not crash your graduation party, the neighbors though, they'll definitely be jealous. Be a nice neighbor, invite them! That helps with the sound complaints if we jam out a little too much with the DJ truck. We can play it as loud or as softly as you'd like. Let's do this! 

Let's Eat! Our Catering Minimum is $1,350