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Florida Grilled Cheese Food Truck

This Truck is no longer in operation but, man the Buffalo Soldier was a legend. 

Ben and his team were one of the first trucks to take on a second truck with the same concept and they ran hard and fast. They affectionately called one Bessie and one Daisy. As you can imagine, Bessie was the older less loved truck they started with that still has legendary stories of unreliability hence enter Daisy. Ben had commissioned the building of Daisy around 2018 or 2019. The Grilled Cheese were flying off of Bessie and it seemed to be a great time to invest in a newer truck that wouldn't be as apt to leave the team on the side of the road. Enter Daisy a 2017 Freightliner that would rock the community as one of the newest and prettiest trucks on the scene. It hit the mark on being reliable, other than the occasional DEF fluid refill and a warranty issue with windshield wipers of all things. 

All that to say the Mr. C's Grilled Cheese is no more, sad but true. We've got other prospects for grilled cheese trucks for you though so let's get back to being cheesy.

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