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Pasco County Bug Jam

The 26th Annual Pasco Country Bug Jam is upon us, join in on the fun with the Bug Jam Pre Party! You can find the festivities in downtown Dade City where the streets will be blocked off to foot traffic, this gives people the opportunity to walk, enjoy music and games for the evening. If you have a VW take part in the parade and Cruise To The Party, what's better than having a police escort and showing of your smooth ride? If none of that tickles your fancy, perhaps the "Stuff" the Bug is more your speed. Last year they managed to cram twenty-one people into an early model VW Bug and they are most certainly going to attempt to beat that record this year. One of the best parts of the Bug Jam will be the food, when your tummy gets to rumbling swing by one of the Tampa Food Trucks to grab something quick  and delicious!

Pasco Bug Jam

The event will be held at the Pasco County Fair Grounds. General information regarding the event can be found on the Florida Bug Jam Website.