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Disaster Lunch Catering

We always move fast but, when responding in times of disaster, we pick up the pace. It's challenging operating without power, water and fuel and we know how to do it. For Pensacola disaster catering we have a lot of local food trucks ready to respond. Your teams nourishment is paramount to a successful response. Having our team near the kitchen is also a part of our success formula. We deploy teams with living quarters. Not taking up resources your team needs for the response is part of what we do. We're here to help and lighten the load.

Knowing your team has a long hard and likely hot day ahead of them, we'll do our part and your team can sleep well knowing at 6 AM, the coffee station is going to be stocked, hot and ready to please.

Coffee Station

Our process on long deployments is to use a team for 5-10 days then rotate them out. This keeps things fresh for the menu at each meal along with ensuring the chefs style of specialty isn't causing menu fatigue. Speaking of, it's also nice to give the crew a break for a few days before there next deployment. 24 hour food service can be exhausting.

240 meal minimum per day. That can be broken into 2 or 3 meals.

Let's Eat! Our Catering Minimum is $1,350





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