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Tampa Bay Food Trucks



Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally is pleased to offer to you these great food trucks!




Menu Option 1


Menu Option 2

Chicks Coup


Canadian Chicken Fingers


Mexican Tacos

Daily Grinders


Thai Sweet Chili Pork, Pickled Cucumber, Carrot Sandwich


German-inspired Grilled Cheese, Marble Rye, Shredded Beef 

Empanada Mama




Roast Pork with Rice

Hott Mess


Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dog 


Tater Tots 

Just the Goods




Italian Paninis 

Ain't No Thang


Grilled bone-in gourmet wings tossed in a variety of international flavors. Served with buttermilk ranch or Amish blue cheese


Grilled boneless gourmet wings tossed in a variety of international flavors

Kind Grinds


Asient Orange (Spicy, Tangy, Orange Chili Glaze on Ginger Braised Pulled Pork) 


Miso Love Love (Miso-Coconut Sauce on Pulled Pork or Grilled Chicken Breast) 

Papa Ron's


Blackened Chicken Quesadilla 



SRQ Curbside Cafe




Puerco Asado 

The Big Cheese


Canadian Poutine 


Crispy Capri (Italian Caprese Salad on Ciabatta Bread) 

Tuk Tuck Truck


Pad Thai 


Panang Curry

Unforgettable Cupcakes




Wicked Wiches


Cuban Philly 


Bourbon Mango Pulled Pork

Wild - Carribean Flavors


Tibetan Coconut Curry Chicken 


Caribbean Smoked Guava Jerk Pork