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Lunch & Dinner Service:   

A standard shift lasts 3-4 hours and trucks are rotated out every shift. Different cuisines are cycled in for future shifts to ensure we don’t have repetitive options. For instance, we wouldn’t schedule a burger truck 2 days in a row even if they were different trucks.

Employee/Customer Appreciation Services:

Tastings: We offer several cuisines and give them out in ¼ or ½ size entrees so attendees can try a variety of different trucks. We supply vouchers for programs like this and attendees are given a certain amount of vouchers and can redeem them as they go. This helps to control budgets and ensure that we will prepare enough food. 

Catering: Whether we have staff fulfilling the role of front of the house with chaffing dishes setup in a board room or we are in the center of a parking lot feeding 4,300 attendees in 1.5 hours as we did at Raymond James Stadium for the YMCA Nationals we can fulfill your need to feed. We have many options when it comes to catering. Group sizes usually start at 30 and go into the thousands. Budgets vary greatly based on volume. 

Entertainment: Our Mobile DJ Truck changes the dynamic of the above mentioned events, adding music and giving leaders the ability to address those in attendance with our wireless microphones taking your event to the next level. We can follow a specific playlist if you’d like or create our own mixes that match the theme of your event. We even have musicians on call if you’d prefer a live performance for your event. Some of our musicians are so versatile they’ll bring 4-5 instruments to play themselves while entertaining as a solo act! 

Tables and Seating: Our Mobile DJ Truck doubles as a transport unit for seating for Tastings and Caterings. By adding seating and music, things really start to come together as a celebration. 

Dance Floor: We also have a portable dance floor we can setup that is 15’x15’ and is real wood! So if your employees really know how to party we can give them a place to let out their inner break dancing skills. 

Tents to Snow Makers: Are you strapped for time and have a ton of things to coordinate? Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of it, we have great relationships with rental centers around the state of Florida. 

Please contact us at any time, we hope to rally with you soon! 

Let's Eat! Our Catering Minimum is $1,350