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The answer here is simple to start but, once you peel back the layers of the onion it soon gets a lot more complicated. The Top Tampa Food Trucks are in our network of trucks we book everyday across the Tampa Bay area. We start with the foundation of best practices in our industry, that's the first barrier to entry into our network. Then we personally interview owners and try their food to determine if we would in fact hire this food truck for our own party. If yes, they're in, if no, we share what we feel needs to be improved in order to join our elite network of the best food trucks in Tampa.

With that being said, you will find some of the best trucks are not a part of any network but work independently. Here are a few you won't find widely publicized but you'll definitely enjoy. 


Rene's Kitchen can be found across the street from Southern Brewing on most days off Nebraska Ave on the eastern most edge of Tampa Heights. Rene, founder of Taco Bus decided to return to his roots and get back into the kitchen after starting, scaling and eventually selling Taco Bus. Rene brings not only his original talents which likely are more than enough but all the knowledge of the successes, mistakes and time spent building the Taco Bus brand. While the second time around isn't always better, in this case it certainly is and you'll know it after the first bite.


South Pacific Grill aka SPG is often off of SR 60 in Brandon in a lot they've been in for years. But, you'll want to be mindful of their Facebook page to keep up with where they are on a daily basis. From time to time they do venture off site, so before battling Brandon traffic you'll want to be sure they're there. South Pacific Grill makes some of the best Asian Fusion around. The portions are ridiculous as are the flavors we love the plates because you can mix and match and as you already know, we love to try different foods.


Often times when you find a list of Top Tampa Food Trucks, you'll find someone from out of town who's never even visited a truck has made this list of the best trucks. All the while half the trucks on the list aren't even in the business anymore. This is why local companies like ours with personal relationships with each of the trucks we work with are more effective at delivering a positive customer experience. We already know trucks strengths and capabilities from our daily interactions.


We'd also like you to know, we only work with locally owned original ideas and concepts. No chains or franchises are a part of our network. We believe the basis of great food starts with one person with a passion and feel their presence adn attention to detail will help them drive the truck to success.


So in closing, to find the Top Tampa Food Trucks, have a look at the list on the right side of the page if you're on a PC and below if on a mobile device. Eat well friends, always eat well.