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Used Food Trailer For Sale - PRICE DROP! $18,000 $15,000 SOLD

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food trailer for sale in tampa
Make: Keyo

Model: Vending Food Cart

Year: 2016

Weight: 1500

Trailer Dimensions: Length:  (4 feet/12 feet, Width 4 feet  and Height: 9 feet)

Generator: Model, Year, Hours: (No Generator)

Cooking equipment: (2 Burners, 35 inch flat top grill,1 deep fryer, 8 compartment steam table)

All listed with make, model and description. IE-- 36” Bunn Flat Top Model: XYZ94/ I don't have the model and make because its assemble by (Royal Vending Cart Of North America Inc)

Refrigeration: Make/Model and quantity: (EMM-3S/ SERIAL # EMM3S16080037)

Sinks: 3 SINKS

Propane tank sizes: (20 /33 propane)

Fresh water/Gray water storage amount: (Fresh water 150 gallon water tank)

/200 gallon waste water tank

Extra Compartment: (200 can soda display case/  Big Storage Space  For Food)

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