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Our Beliefs:

Our goal as a company is to always be open and honest. If you have questions about the who, what, where, when, and why of our business, please call and speak with us. Our intention is to become and extension of mobile businesses in order to assist with generating more profits and feeding our community great eats. If at any time you feel our actions are wrong, please contact one of us, and we would be happy to listen and understand your perspective. If we feel valid points were made and our actions aren't contributing to our intentions, we will make the necessary adjustments. You may reach Michael Blasco ( at (813) 464-5600 or Tyrus Gordon ( at (813) 444-8110.

Creating New Business Opportunities:

We have a very strict policy with lunch spots, rally venues, and catering engagements. Our agenda is not to take your customers. We are therefore pledging to not go after existing sites that are doing business with our vendors. The only exception to this would be if a site is publicly proclaiming their discontinuance of vendors on a particular site because they no longer wish to manage the program or event themselves. In this case, we feel it is our duty to try and save that opportunity and make sure vendors don't lose that business permanently.

We expect this in return from vendors when we build up an existing host site or lunch spot for a rally through promotion and hard work because it benefits all of us. We ask that if a host approaches you and requests to work directly with you or with someone else that you please send them to us. We want to maintain the honesty and success of the events in which we provide for you. This will ensure we can continue to uphold the highest standards. Just as you would expect us to protect you, we expect the same in return. Help us to protect what we have created so everyone can make money, and we can continue to have great success together.


Our standard fee is 10% of gross sales. We feel that is a reasonable amount, and it ties our compensation directly to job quality in making businesses more successful. At times, we will be forced to deviate from this model based on the site and agreement with the host. Our policy here is quite simple: trucks make money, we make money, and we all benefit.

This applies across the board regardless of the engagement. If you ever feel a discussion is necessary about any of our fees, we are happy to listen. At our discretion, we will make adjustments to fees as we see fit (this is typically reducing a fee based on our performance to produce customers). We always want to be fair and reasonable.


Our goal is to be a resource for your event needs. Please keep in mind, we partner with over a hundred trucks to bring you great eats and be patient with us as we source the best food and entertainment for your event. In regards to invites, the sooner we get a response from you, the sooner we can began touting and promoting your next location to our fans!


Our policy on conduct is something we take seriously. We are determined to remain professional and open-minded in all of our dealings with customers, vendors, and hosts. The same is expected from vendors. We understand extenuating circumstances. Having a no-tolerance policy would obviously be unreasonable.

We are asking for a commitment from our vendors, which as a part of a much larger group, could feel the repercussions of their actions should they act unprofessionally.

Any questions about the above material? Please drop us a line:

(813) 464-5600


- Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally Inc. Team