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Venice Food Truck Catering

So we don't actually know who owned the first food truck in Venice Florida, but we do know who to book for awesome food there. We service some of the largest businesses in Venice with food truck catering. There are a few factors to consider when booking food trucks for a catering.

Venice Florida Food Trucks

1. What licensing requirements are needed?
An MFDV is required by the DBPR, that is good for the entire state of Florida. One business tax receipt from any local jurisdiction is needed. An NFPA 1 Propane Safety inspection is also a state requirement along with any local fire marshals current stance on food trucks.

2. What insurance does your organization and/or landlord require?
Typically General Liability for 2 Million is requested and 500K of Commercial Auto is a pretty standard request. At times larger organizations require more, that's why we carry a larger umbrella policy.

3. How many trucks do I need and how long do I need them for?
This depends on what type of food your selecting, the trucks setup and what your needs are as an organization. We can help you select the right truck, menu and match their production capabilities.

4. What is food truck catering going to cost?
Typically an all in cost with fees, taxes etc usually lands around $27-$30 per person.

Let's Eat! Our Catering Minimum is $1,350