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Villages Food Truck Catering

The Villages are one of the fastest growing areas of Florida, spanning three counties. Interestingly enough food trucks are one of the fastest growing industries. Well if the Villages has all those people, clearly we should feed them with food trucks!

The Villages catering with food trucks isn't a new thing, it makes total sense. We can come in setup feed a big crowd then drive away an hour after service and it's like we were never there. 

Food Truck At A 70's Party

The usefulness of food trucks never ceases to amaze us, house parties, corporate events, community events, golf clubs that don't want to overrun their kitchen. Event venues without kitchens or without enough kitchen space, concerts, parking lot parties are all great for food trucks to be the hero of the party with hot and fresh food. 

We know all the best trucks, let's get it! 

Let's Eat! Our Catering Minimum is $1,350