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Tampa Bay Food Trucks

2002 Workhorse Dessert / Coffee Truck $25,000 (SOLD)

Dessert Truck Exterior

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Currently licensed by Department of Agriculture. 
Gas Engine
Mileage: 121,000 -- Engine replaced at 90,000 miles
Transmission: Automatic
Dimensions: 19x8x11
2 comp sink / Handwashing Sink (compliant with Dep of Ag, not DBPR - 3 comp is required easy change out if needed by a plumber)
Deep Freezer - C Nelson Dipping Cabinet
Stainless Walls / Ceiling
Roof Mounted RV Style Air Conditioner
Honda EU 3000 Dessert Truck Interior Generator Compartment Two Comp Sink - Compliant with Dept of Agriculture Hot Water Heater on a Dessert Truck

                                            Food Truck Class