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Disaster Relief Catering - Emergency Catering

You've got hungry workers and we've got the self sufficient food trucks to keep them energized. Some of our most talented trucks love mixing up their menus on 5 and 10 day deployments into areas that would be uninhabitable without food service. We know that speed and quality matters. Our trucks are ready to go and will make sure your crews are too. 

Our standard offerings can be customized but are summarized below: 

Catering Costs: 

Rates are based on a minimum of 75 guests per meal. 

Breakfast: Protein, side, grain with coffee or juice - $24 per meal

Lunch: Protein, side, grain and dessert with choice of water or soda - $25.50 per meal

Boxed Lunch Option: Sandwich, grain, and dessert with choice of water or soda - $19 per meal

Dinner: Protein, side, grain and dessert with choice of soda or water - $31 per meal

Activation Fee: $1,500 

Cancellation Fee: $1,500

Accommodations per food truck: $400 a day for self sustained camper with generator (5 day minimum)

Travel Fees:

Standard travel within 150 miles of truck/camper deploying: $200 each

Travel Fees apply with each deployment. IE a 30 day deployment may involve 3-5 trucks. 

Standard deployment window is 72-96 hours, faster deployments are possible on an as needed basis pending availability. 

Let's Get Started

Our catering minimum for disaster relief is 75 meals and a minimum of two meal times per day. 

Let's Eat! Our Catering Minimum is $1,350

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