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The towel was hung up for this side of the business in 2022. It was fun, but it was hard, much like food trucking. We still help people buy and sell trucks and we still hold our bi-monthly seminar listed below. 

Are you a legit builder that has solid quality? Contact us about being listed here and being referred. We love to have partners to send trucks to.   

Not quite to the point of getting your business mobile yet but considering starting a food truck business? You should attend our Food Truck Seminar. Our seminars covers everything from how to get your truck insured, how effectively market your food truck, learning about local trusted vendors, and more. Our Food Truck Seminars occur every 8 weeks in person and are offered online at any time.

Some services that we offer include:

  • Wrap Preparation (paint work to prepare, wheels, unwrappable surfaces and fixtures)

  • Consulting on build designs 

  • Consulting on branding

  • Consulting on concepts

Contact Us: Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally


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