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How Much Does Food Truck Catering Cost?

A normal range for the cost of food truck catering is between $20 and $30 per person depending on the below variables. How far, how long and what is being served will heavily impact this.

Our pricing starts at $27 per meal with a minimum of 50 meals. Half Meals are $13.50 each with a minimum of 100 meals for 1 food truck. 

There are scenarios where we offer volume discounts, multi location discounts etc. 

Just like any service there are a few factors that come into play. 

1. Location: How far does a food truck have to drive to serve your needs?

2. Length of Service: Do you need to feed 50 people in 1 hour or 50 people over 6 hours? How fast you need people fed can also impact the number of trucks needed.  

3. Amount / Type of food being served: Serving your team in half meals can save on budget or be used as a bonus of trying different things on the menu if you choose to purchase multiple half meals for a guest.

4. Number of trucks wanted / needed based on time requirements.

Some other factors: 

Weddings: This is a whole different bowl of enchiladas. The time spent planning, doing a tasting, coordinating timing of trucks and extra time spent on site is significant. You can see our content dedicated to food trucks wedding catering to spell out the variables and what's needed. 

Insurance requirements to access your location: There are times where you're at an airport, university or high end commercial property. When requirements say a truck needs a Million dollars in auto insurance, most trucks don't carry that level of coverage. Most of the time that level of coverage isn't needed but, it definitely helps to use a booking agency to get a better variety of trucks because calling and messaging multiple trucks to see what their coverage levels is usually time consuming.

Thanks for wanting to use local food trucks, we think you're on the right track. 

Why do clients use Tampa Bay Food Trucks? 

"It's easy, Tampa Bay Food Trucks knows the best trucks and handles everything. We  pick the cuisine type want want, sign a digital contract, make payment, and they take care of the rest." - Tampa Bay Food Trucks Client