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Nico's Arepas Still Crushing It!

The Sweet Buttery Smell of Arepas and Corn

That's what hits you in the face right after you walk into the Armenia Ave Nico's Arepas Restaurant and mini market.

The menu is much larger than what they could serve up on their food truck. Yep, they started out in a food truck on MLK across from the famed Taco Bus when it was on its way to its painful decline to being a gas station brand. You can find the passion and love for food that started that bus at Rene's Kitchen now and you should, it's awesome. 

Arepas, Cachapas and Tequenos are the OG's at Nico's. Still delicious as ever, my go to choices are huge and filling. Plus, you need to get a beverage, no contest, pick the Postobon.  Apple flavored soda, super sweet, but amazing.


The fitting name of La Glotona is Shredded beef, Shredded Chicken, Chicken Salad, Shrimp and White Cheese oh and butter which isn't listed as an ingredient, but if nothing else is there to grease the pipes to be able to put that all down.



The Cachapatona which sounds devishly gangster is the same as the Glotona on fillings but comes on a sweet and savory corn pancake like vessel.  .



These are Venezuelan cheese sticks that are  encased in a sweet exterior and fried to a light brown where they snap just a little bit as you bite into them. 

Cheese Sticks

The Sauces

The tutorial is real here, you need the sauces! There are three kinds of main sauces, garlic, salsa rosada (mayo and ketchup) and Volcano. My whole family likes different sauces on different things. None are too polarizing or spicy. Definitely safe to experiment.  

Getting Sauced
Photo credit Nico's Arepas

The menu has soups, burgers, salads, platters, and even pasta! Oh and the market is super cool too, lots of hard to find authentic Venezuelan goodness! It's best that I'm not unleashed in such environments the carbs and sugar that ensue are not safe for anyone.