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FOOD TRUCK! Da Kine grills up some Hawaiian flavor

According to the guy that took my order, "Da Kine" means "The Sh*t" in Hawaii. I won't argue.

I drove past this place ten times before I was actually smart enough to pull over and give it a try. Permanently parked next to a HoJo and a failed business, the bright orange food truck has occupied the same spot on S. Dale Mabry for a couple years or better, and consistently cranks out

some damn tasty food at a pretty fair price.

Although I've yet to try one, the menu of Shave Ice is pretty impressive looking, with some creations such as the "Ol' Weezy Bear" (Grape, Blackberry, Guava) and "The Bobo" (Peach, Horchata, and Condensed Milk) sticking in my memory as some of the more creative beverages

available in the area...

Oh yeah. That's seven bucks well spent. Shredded chicken, shaved steak, sweet ribs (similar to Korean Gal Bi), and a side of rice, to which you can liberally apply either "Da Sauce", a sweet-salty-soy concoction, and/or sriracha, the green capped red asian pepper sauce that has become the

BBQ of our generation.

(in case the first picture didn't look good enough)

And the signature macaroni salad, included with my meal and covered in my signature sriracha sauce. Apologies that I didn't catch it in it's natural sriracha-less form, but let's be honest with each other here, it looks way cooler with a spiral of spicy red goodness slathered about the top.

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