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Is your business or office looking for a way to build camaraderie, boost morale or just shake up the traditional lunchtime routine? If so, a corporate food catering may be the answer! These events feature food trucks, which park outside your workplace for a set length of time, typically the lunch hour. Food Truck Office Catering offers the following benefits:

Variety. Food trucks allow for a wide selection of delicious cuisines in a relatively small space—more than your traditional cafeteria, and food trucks are a fun substitute for your classic brown bag and vending machine fares.

Convenience. Does your staff pull a vanishing act at 11:10 and then trickle back in around quarter after one, because your office is at least fifteen minutes to the nearest decent restaurant? A food truck luncheon brings restaurant row to your employees—and they will thank you for the money saved on gas!

Camaraderie. A food truck catering brings the best of a restaurant experience to your parking lot, with some additional flexibility. While you await your order, you have the ability to move around and socialize with your coworkers, not just the people you happen to be seated next to.

Simplicity. If you would like, we can arrange to use vouchers at any of the trucks. The vouchers may be used to mix up the selection (e.g., one entrée or two, one side dish, and one beverage.)

Whether it's for a onetime employee appreciation day, or it becomes a regularly scheduled lunch truck ("Friday Food Truck Frenzy!"), a corporate food catering offers a fun opportunity for your employees without impacting productivity.

To arrange a food truck catering, visit our Food Truck Catering page.

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