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Food Trucks For Graduation Parties

Food Trucks for Graduation Parties

Finally, the end is here! It goes by so quickly but, now it's time to party and celebrate all the hard work of completing one of the legs of the journey of life. 

Food Trucks for Graduation Parties

What matters most when hiring a food truck for graduation celebrations:

1. What style of food?

What's the grad like? Also, what will the guests like? Having a variety of food is nice, but, you'll find many food trucks are specialized and very good at their craft.  

2. Dietary restrictions?

For some this is massively important and for others usually those who don't have immediate family members with needs. Keep in mind those who are impacted by this are very grateful when we can accommodate them, so having some choices available can go a long way.

3. How many trucks do I need?

Speed and Food Type play a major role here. So do the number of menu items that a truck is running. Want 7 things on the menu? You're going to wait a while regardless of what is being served. If you have less than 100 guests you shouldn't need more than one truck. If more, our team can help crunch numbers with you based on the cuisine and menu items you have in mind. Food trucks catering for a graduation should have fast turn times, the food being served is likely not going to be complex and pretty standard fare for the truck to serve.

4. How long should we feed our guests?

Having a defined period of time of 2-3 hour is usually sufficient. If coming straight from graduation and you're unsure of timing, having the truck set to serve 30 minutes into the party is a good idea. Have some snacks around in case the graduates have worked up an appetite. If you start service at the beginning of the party your late comers may miss the food. We can certainly give service longer than 2-3 hours but, there will be additional charges. 

5. Where should we place the trucks? 

Typically a flat surface is best. A place that's easy for guests to get to. Often times parking on the street facing a home works well. Pulling into the driveway works well. We also pull into yards at times, keep in mind, the trucks are not good with soft ground and going up hills or difficult terrain. Trucks also have to be placed 10' apart from one another and any structure to meet fire code. 

6. What about music?

It's a must, one way or another it really help sets the tone for the celebration. It doesn't have to be knock your hair back crazy loud, but if that's what you want it certainly can be. Our Mobile Dj Truck puts a nice spin on Mobile DJ Service, see what we did there? Luckily our DJ's aren't corny with dad jokes. We know how well that would go over with the new grads. Boomers, is likely what would be said with an eye roll. 

Party catering can be tricky, the nice thing about food trucks is undoubtedly the lack of mess and preparation needed for them to serve. A truck typically arrives one hour prior to service to ensure everything is hot and ready for service when it begins. Service usually lasts for 2-3 hours, sometimes if you have a smaller group, only 1 hour of service is needed. After service is over, a truck typically shuts down and cleans, polices the area around their truck for any trash and then departs. Leaving without a trace, there's not enough things to say about wrapping up a party and not having a kitchen to clean. Entertaining guests and having them trek all through the house or even just the yard outside is enough work, you don't need the kitchen to look like a disaster occurred too.  

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