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One stop shop!

Tampa Bay food trucks hosted a local food truck rally with over 10 truck options. The DJ truck was going full blast, setting the tone for the fun evening of eating. Despite the 50 degree, freezing weather, families poured into Fishhawk to get a taste of the amazing variety offered.

When you have 10+ trucks in one lot, you have to have to do something that sets you apart from the rest. Right off the bat, you could notice some trucks with lines outside, and others, with workers just standing idle, waiting for customers to walk up. I wanted to figure out why. I know I’m not the authority in what works and what doesn’t in the food truck business, but I am a consumer, who is able to see what others are enjoying, and what they are not.

....So let's talk about it!

The first stop was The One Stop Food Truck!

One Stop Food Truck Review
I ordered the aloha burger, and the street corn. The burger was delicious! The meat was perfectly salted, and did not fall apart while you were eating it. The lettuce, tomato, and onions were fresh and added a nice crunch. The potato sticks were very inventive and added to the crunchy, saltiness of the burger, balanced out well by the pineapple and aloha sauce! The fries were well seasoned and crispy, the way they should be. The corn was surprisingly good! Not overly sauced, and the cotija cheese added the perfect amount of salt.

I give it a 9/10. Definitely restaurant quality, and I would order it again! I was surprised at the quality of food that was coming out of that food truck! The other patrons seemed to be enjoying their food as well! I did not see anyone looking disappointed.

Picture of the One Stop Food Truck's Food

Finally dessert, I got the nutella donuts from Glazed Up Mini Donuts.
Glazed Up Mini Donuts Food Truck

The donuts themselves were delicious. So warm, and fluffy. The topping tastes more like a Hershey's chocolate syrup than nutella, and it could have used more of it. The picture on the truck showed the donuts smothered in the thick, nutella, while the ones I got had a bit of a thin drizzle.

I give it a 7/10. It would’ve been a 9/10 had it been like the picture on the truck. Nutella has such a rich, distinctive taste, so when you replace it with anything else, you can definitely tell right away.

Consumer Image Nutella Mini Donuts

With that, we closed out the night. Our bellies were full, and despite the freezing cold weather, even more people were starting to arrive to have a night of music and good food! If you’re looking for a creative date night, or a fun event for the family, consider a food truck rally! It gives you the chance to try new foods, in a new environment and even the small kids there were running around having a good time. The music food truck had a lot to do with the great vibe, it definitely set the tone of the event. What a delicious night!

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