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Why would a food truck apply to be a part of Tampa Bay Food Trucks?

Why join Tampa Bay Food Trucks as a local food truck owner?

Often when starting a truck, it's overlooked how hard it can be to shop, cook, clean, and get booked. We can't help with the first three, but we can certainly help with the booking portion. 

  1. Growing Revenue and Profit without additional admin work.
  2. Exposure to exclusive opportunities.
  3. We're all about small local businesses - you won't find us working with national franchises. 
  4. Mentorship and helping with best practices. We help you to stretch your capabilities and help from the beginning or at any point of your journey.
  5. Often, we'll offer trucks the largest opportunities they've ever had a shot at, we offer it with coaching and direction to ensure we're all as successful as possible. 
  6. Our technology and processes are second to none, we help create seamless experiences for clients and food trucks. 
  7. Compliance, our team will help you to stay on track with insurance, fire and state compliance making sure your team is on top of the things that matter. 
  8. We have a killer team that are all in for local food trucks, we love helping others succeed and win!
  9. It doesn't cost anything to apply or join; you've got to meet our base requirements which we consider basic industry best practices. 
  10. Let's get started, here are the basics you need to apply to be a vendor with us: A fully wrapped or muraled truck with family friendly branding. A quiet generator less than 68 db. 2M/1M in General Liability and 500k CSL on a commercial auto policy. Must have NFPA 1 Propane safety certification (state required) No chains or franchises.  APPLY NOW 

There are more reasons but one of our least favorite things we like to talk about is ourselves. We'd rather show you what it's like to be a part of our team and get some business going! 

Everything's Better when we work together.

Learn How To Become a Vendor

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