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Best practices when selling your food truck

I Need To Sell My Food Truck

So the journey has come to an end, if you're here in Florida it was likely a hot and journey that was not easy. We commend you for putting up with the Florida heat as long as you did, whether it was just while trying to launch or operating for years. This is a really tough business and knowing how to finish well is important. Congrats on coming to the point where you know, it's time to hang it up.

Food truck for sale

So I'm ready to sell the food truck I have, now what?

Well for starters, to get the most out of your truck, it needs to be working and in the best working order possible. If you have to jiggle the handle to the left and then the right three times to make something work, that doesn't look great at a showing while trying to sell the truck. The truck also needs to be in the best mechanical working order possible too. You've been in their shoes, you know how nerve racking it is buying a food truck. Thinking about all the things they have to go through, fixing things on a truck or kitchen isn't something most buyers want to add to the list. So if it takes a 37 page instruction book on how to get all the broken things to work, you should really consider getting them all fixed because it's going to maximize the value of what you'll get for the truck.

Second on the agenda is everyone's favorite: Cleaning! Yes, that's right, it's got to be spotless, like so clean you didn't even know it could be that clean. We typically recommend professionals for the job because they are typically armed with hot water pressure washers or steam cleaners or even both. it's usually pricey, but, its far cheaper than taking a hit on an offer of a few thousand dollars lower because someone isn't impressed with how clean or not clean a truck is. We're often asked since we help people food truck wraps too through a wholesale partner, do we need to remove our wrap? No, and once you do that once, you'll never do it again, we promise. At most lightly cutting through main branding with a 2-3" section of wrap that would effectively make the wrap unpleasant is enough to dissuade anyone from any funny business.

Third you need a really solid list of everything onboard and included. Specialty items are better off not being included. IE someone selling a truck with us asked about their new $3,000 cold press juicer, I immediately said, that's not included, most people don't want or need that. Just keep those items, list them for sale separately or use them personally. It's really not going to change the value of what the truck or trailer is worth.

Fourth thing, the truck (if not a trailer) and generator need to start!! #1 deal killer outside of the truck or trailer not being clean is no starts. Disconnect the positive terminal from batteries if the truck or trailer is going to sit for a while. You can also install a battery switch or have your mechanic do it. Also don't get a truck warm before someone comes or have all the refrigeration cooled down already. If you have a piece of refrigeration cooling slowly, be honest about it. If your truck is a bear to start in the morning, be honest, it's not like the person isn't going to find out the next day.

Fifth and final, just put yourself in the shoes of the person stepping into the business as you were when you started or attempted to start. Be nice, be honest and be helpful.

We do help people buy and sell used food trucks, we typically reach a nationwide audience and we've managed to attract some stalkers who watch for what we list in case it's what they are looking for. We have a lot you can sign a storage agreement with for $135 a month and store your vehicle while we help you find a buyer. If you have questions, let us know. We're pretty particular about what we list, it's typically trucks that are ready to go, fairly priced and will help the next owner be successful.



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