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Top Ten Food Trucks to Start in 2015

Looking for some food truck ideas/cuisine types that are great to start in the 2015 year? This blog takes you through what food trucks are currently in the industry, and some of our suggestions on what food truck cuisines the Tampa Bay Area is lacking.

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget?

Food trucks provide a combination of convenience and accessibility mixed into a truck. Check out this quick blog that updates you on the food truck industry in Tampa, Florida.

The Top 10 Fun Things To Do In Tampa

Looking for 10 fun things to do in the Tampa Bay Area? Whether your just visiting Tampa Bay for a few days, or looking for a refresher on new things to do in Tampa - this list helps outline some great things to do around the Tampa Bay area.

Food Truck Start Up

Has the thought of starting your own food truck ever crossed your mind? Do you love to cook for others but don’t want the hassles and stress of trying to open a restaurant? Getting a food truck up and running isn’t easy but can be the less stressful cousin to opening your own restaurant. The Tampa Bay Food Trucks has seminars to help answer any questions potential food truckers may have and offer guidance and expertise in this booming industry.

2015 Food Truck Booking Ideas for a New Year

Thinking about having a food truck at your next event? You can work a food truck basically into any celebration you may be planning! Whether you are having a birthday party, bar mitzvah, quinceanera, sweet 16, graduation party, or even a wedding! Food trucks can be apart of any celebration!

10 Ways To Have A Great and Safe Christmas

Thinking about the upcoming Christmas season? We here at Tampa Bay Food Trucks want you to have a safe christmas, and a great one at that. Check out 10 ways to have a great and safe Christmas season.

Happy Thanksgiving

Pass the cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and hope? We are ready for the big day.

Thanksgiving is the time when our families and friends come together to spend quality time with each other and catch up over deliciously prepared dishes of holiday food. For others, turkey day is a time to spread thanks and share their gratitude by giving back to the community, and helping those who are less fortunate during the holiday season. No one should be without a home to live in, or a hot meal, but unfortunately there are numerous families who do. Here in the Tampa Bay Area, you can bring a bit of hope to a family for the holidays buy donating to the Metropolitan Ministries.

From all of us here on the Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally Team, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving to you and to your family.

Treat the Staff To Lunch

Thinking about treating the staff to lunch but want to do it in a different way? Think food truck catering! Say goodbye to cold sandwich platters and say hello to freshly cooked food right on the spot! Food truck catering provides a fun experience not only for your employees, but takes away the head ache of clean up. Give Tampa Bay Food Trucks a call to book your next food truck catered event!

Rattlesnake Festival

Food Trucks at the Rattlesnake Festival! We had a ton of food trucks, fun, and snakes! Check out the awesome lineup we had in Pasco county. There was a full day of activities, local vendors, and more! The next food truck friendly event will be the Pasco Bug Jam - make sure to come out as well to that event!

5 Tips For Employee Appreciation Day

It’s that time of year again- where you show your appreciation for the exceptional work your employees have put in all year long. If your company’s employee appreciation events are starting to feel routine, then the time has come to shake things up!