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Marketing Your Food Truck

There is a phrase in the marketing world that says, “When you are talking to everybody, you are talking to no one.” This phrase reminds marketers that, to be successful, you MUST know your audience. You have to know who is going to by your product, where they are, and how you are going to reach them. The message and method a marketer would use to reach the large population of retired Florida residents would not be the same as the message and methods needed to reach the thousands of college students in the college towns across the state. Even if both groups are interested in attending the same event, the means of attracting them to it will be different. The same principle applies to setting up a food truck, as well as marketing it going forward.

Marketing Your Food Truck

When setting up a food truck, you have to keep the same marketing principles in mind. Having multiple cuisines and a smorgasbord of menu items in hopes of reaching everyone will only serve to confuse your brand’s message and leave you reaching no one. Having approximately five to six items that are laser focused towards one cuisine will clearly define your truck’s branding and, thus, allow you to reach a specific client.

If someone steps up to a cheesesteak truck for example, they are anticipating having a cheesesteak, or at the very least, a cheesesteak variation of some sort- not a taco or ice cream or pizza. So, how does having tacos, ice cream, or pizza on a cheesesteak truck benefit your business? It doesn’t. Sure, you may sell the occasional item, but in the end, it will end up hurting your business and your brand because your message is not clear to the consumer and you are most likely wasting time on marketing items that won’t sell, but even worse it wont propel your brand forward. This will likely leave customers walking away confused rather than excited about the experience they just had. That will, of course affect the success and profitability of your business.

While the marketing of your brand may not affect the consumer directly, the turn around time on their order does. Having five or six core items that you specialize in and are able to have prepped will ensure you are able to prepare each customer’s meal in an efficient and timely manner. There is nothing more beneficial to the marketing of a brand than a satisfied customer that will go home and tell their friends and Facebook!

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