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Tampa's Milkshake and Smoothie Bus - Smoothin' and Shaken'

Smoothin' and Shaken' Food Truck

Davied from Smoothin' and Shaken' likes to keep it real, real sweet that is! His all-natural, fruit drinks and hand-spun, ultrathick milkshakes will make your insides feel good no matter the weather.

Smoothin' and Shaken' Shake Smoothin' and Shaken' Shake Milk Shake

Some of the past flavors have been Banana Man, Mango Lemonade, and Mudslide, a mix of chocolate, peanut butter, and banana. You never know what concotion he'll come up with next! If you're trying to bulk up, a scoop of protein can be added to your shake as well. His menu continues to evolve from one of just desserts to serving sandwiches, nachos, and soups.

Smoothin' and Shaken' Shake Sandwhich

He's a smooth-talker and has one of the biggest personalties in the fleet of food trucks we work with on a regular basis. I've gotten the opportunity to know Davied personally outside of the rallies, and he's a swell guy that has helped us out with other projects. When asked about his business, bus, and inspiration, he said, "We are family owned and operated. I work on the bus solo for the most part, but I get a ton of support from my girlfriend, Maria, and father, Bill and kids. I built the bus myself from scratch by removing every rusted seat and replacing with all the needed kitchen items. My inspiration is my family!" The next time you see his banana-colored bus on the street, do yourself a favor and treat yourself!

Smoothin' and Shaken' Shake Bus

*The new yellow coat is looking great!

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