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Introducing The Cheesery

Introducing The Cheesery Truck to Tampa BayWe don't have to tell you this, but to a foodie, the only thing better than a dependable favorite is something new to flirt with your taste buds. Well, what if you could have both at the same time?

Chances are that if we asked you to list some of your favorite food trucks in the Tampa Bay area, Burger Culture would be on that list. Why wouldn't you list them? They consistently make delicious food. The secret is out and Burger Culture has a new little sister, The Cheesery.

The Cheesery will feature a delicious array of grilled cheeses as well as swet potatoe fries and tomato bisque. Lets be honest here, nothing goes better with a grilled cheese than a good tomato bique.

You can find them making their big debut at the Palm Harbor First Friday Food Truck Rally. That part is easy, the hard part is deciding what to order with so many great looking options on the menu. I am personally looking forward to the Short Rib, or maybe The Granny, or the Melt Express or.... shoot... I will just have to close my eyes and point to something on the menu.

The Cheesery Menu

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