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What's New with Tampa Food Trucks ?

Food Trucks in Tampa

Luckily for those of us who love food trucks in Tampa, they are still extremely popular and the Food Truck Movement in Tampa is moving upward and onward. Consistent events are becoming more common, and trucks are being recognized for their culinary talents and convenience of being mobile. The first SoHo food truck rally is happening today, and we'll be putting up a recap of the event in case you miss it. We are also seeing a big uptick in inquiries about providing lunch service with food trucks. We offer a scheduling service for free to businesses with enough employees to justify having a different food truck on their property every day their staff is working. This is a great advantage for both the trucks and the businesses. Trucks don't have to worry about wearing a spot out by going there too much, and the business doesn't have to worry about scheduling, insurance, paperwork and the other things that would be a distraction from their everyday business.

Easter Aerial 2012

(Easter 2012 with Relevant Church, Curtis Hixon Park, Downtown Tampa)

It appears the dust has settled a bit here in Tampa with Tampa Food Trucks vending normally and businesses are not as quick to fret when the food trucks are coming. I think experience is helping restaurants and businesses realize food trucks are bringing people, and people mean opportunities with people that otherwise wouldn't have been in front of their businesses. Some of the busiest days for downtown businesses fall on the day of Mayor Bob Buckhorn's Food Truck Fiesta or the Downtown Tampa Market which was recently brought back by the Downtown Partnership after having shutting down Tampa Bay Markets Friday market. The Partnership then moved the market to Sunday and decided to run the market on the new day themselves.

Follow the Downtown Partnership for updates on the Mayors Food Truck Fiesta

Since we started the first rally on September 24th in 2011 it has grown around 1000%. Literally we have hundreds of food trucks in Tampa Bay now which has really expanded what we have been able to offer! Some of the original staples like Wicked Wiches and Fat Tortillas are still bringing us great food, and we are loving it more than ever.

We have some talented Asian Food Trucks like Renny's Oki Doki serving authentic Okinawian, the PAO Truck with an Asian Fusion concept, and more senior and classic 2 Asians 1 Grill making sushi and Modern Chinese Cuisine, which also does private Hibachi dinners that seem like they would be pretty awesome! This is a tough view to beat while having 1 Asian and a Grill much less 2.

2 Asians 1 Grill Hibachi

Some of the desert trucks you may have seen around are Unforgettable Cupcakes, Enjoi Sweets, and Lucias Gelato all of which have some delish desserts!

Unforgettable Cupcakes actually recently opened a store front in Lutz. You should go check out the new space, now!

Unforgettable Cupcakes Location

Other styles of food that are new to the scene include Chowder Bus that serves up, you guessed it, Chowda! A few other honorable mentions are The Cheesesteak Truck and Mike's Off the Hook have been around a few months now and have settled in nicely.

The newest truck for Tampa Food Trucks is Dooners on Wheels, it's our first German themed mobile vendor in the area, they are making their rally debut today at MacDintons on South Howard at 2pm if you want to check them out! 

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